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Heggies Fundraiser

Pick Up June 6th at 6 pm.

Pick up is June 6th at 6 pm at Saint Francis High School. 

I am looking for helpers to pack up pizza's during the distribution on June 6th. We also need any plastic bags/paper bags to help with the packing. Even boxes would be helpful.  

Please call or text me if you can help out. 


Christina Fjeld 

Secretary/Fundraiser Saint Francis Fastpitch Association


General Notes

We want the girls to have a fun and memorable season.  As parents we need to set an excellent example.  There is ZERO tolerance for anyone who berates parents, coaches, players or umpires.  


  • 24 Rule
  • Coaches are volunteers
  • Umpires are human
  • Stay positive

Important Summer Dates
10-12U Big West State Qualifier  June 22-24th
8-12U    Big West State July 7-8th
14/16U  Big West State Qualifier  July 14-15th
14/16U Big West State July 21-22nd
USA & NAFA Nationals:  July 25th-29th & August 1-5th 

Board Meeting

Next Board Meeting

Tuesday June 26th at 5:00 pm 

Standing Room Only Bar and Grill 


Are you willing to help?

If you are reading this I am asking you to help.  Speaking as the Director and for the Board, we feel we have the groundwork for a great Association.  We are energetic and excited about the future of the Saint Francis Fastpitch Association.  We all have at least a year under our belt and, even though we made some mistakes, we are working on many good things.  We have streamlined the tryout procedure, built a storage shed by the 9th grade field, are in the process of building a batting cage, have revamped the scheduling process, and are working with the umpire organization to alleviate the "missing ump" problem.  

We have more work to do and cannot do this with out you!!!  Below is a list of possible positions (already filled); which one is for you?  Do you see a need that is not filled?

One goal as a board is to create a organization with smaller responsibilities to fit in with your busy lifestyle.  For example, picture coordinator's work with the photographer and the teams to coordinate pictures at the start of the season.   

Second goal is to keep the meetings (12 per year) to one hour. 






Special Projects

Social Media

Assistant Director

Events coordinator



Volunteer appreciation  Spirit Wear


Scheduling fields and umps



Clinics and off season training


  • Volunteers know that their selfless efforts also contribute to their own personal growth.
  • Volunteering is actually good for your health!
  • Volunteering also keeps people active and provides an opportunity to develop a strong support system, making them less vulnerable to depression.
  • Volunteering is an easy way to make new friends and become a part of the community
  • Volunteering can be a chance to improve one’s skill set and enhance a resume

Arter, A. (2015, May 15). 8 Ways to Get More Volunteers for Your Nonprofit. Retrieved from

So, we are asking you to help.  Please call 763-439-7007 or email to join.  Do it today!


Additional Training

Additional training resources.

Here are some camps offered through St. Kate's that are great learning opportunities and a great value. I will be taking Molly and would love to fill up our van with Saints. You can do one or the other or both. Let me know if you have any questions.

Minnesota Youth Softball Clinic:

The Cage:

Minnesota Fastpitch Academy:

Midwest Speed:

Complete Game:

Watch for upcoming trainings from the St Francis Fastpitch Association coming in January!

Booster Park Father’s Day Tournament

Bonte 12U team takes 2nd at Father's day Tournament

Spring 2018




Not sure which age group your daughter belongs: 

Fastpitch Softball uses December 31 as the determining date.  To ease the confusion during registration, ask yourself, how old will my child be on January 1st, 2018?  And that is the age group they are eligible to play for the 2018 season.

Whatever the age of your daughter, we can work with you to find the correct team and age group.  Our goal is for each girl to have a fun and exciting season, while learning teamwork and developing confidence both on and off the field. Players may never play in an age level below where they are supposed to be.  Girls may play at a higher level if the need arises and if the player has expressed interest in moving to a higher age group.


Spirit Wear


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