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8U Fastpitch

8U Fastpitch

Practice will start beginning of April

Game will start first week of May

Practices and league games will be on Monday/Wednesday nights


Check back for more information as the 2022 season approaches

8U Fastpitch

League Description (Soderville)

The 8U softball division is a coach-pitch level using 11 inch softballs. Players begin to learn more of the fundamentals of the game. There is no stealing at this level, but there is usually plenty of offense. There are usually one or two coaches on the field to guide the players during the game.  We call it 8U fastpitch even though the coach is pitching so everyone realizes that our league is a fastpitch league and not a slow pitch league.  They will learn how to pitch the fastpitch way at 10U and may work on the fundamentals of pitching while in 8U, but coaches will pitch at the games.

8U plays on Monday and Wednesday nights on fields in Ham Lake.  They will have alternating games and practices.  The coaches meet with the director to help determine the schedule.  Games are at 6:30pm.

Players will need to purchase red colored pants, red belt and red socks, glove, batting helmet, and shoes/cleats.  The association will provide a t-shirt.

Practices start at the end of April (exact date determined by the weather), games start the first week of May, and the season runs through the end of season tournament the weekend of July 7-8; practices are scheduled in St. Francis but games are held in Ham Lake.


Welcome to the St. Francis Fastpitch Association’s (SFFA) 8U program information page. Many of you may be new to our program or even new to fastpitch. The intent is to give you an overview of what the program is about and what to expect. 

The 8U program is the next step from rec league T-ball/baseball/softball.

The intent of 8U fastpitch is to have fun, teach good fundamental skills and if the girls and families like it, move on within the program.



  • Registration for 8U fastpitch is in February and the SFFA puts out flyers in early February at the St. Francis Elementary schools.
  • Registration cost for 2021 is $115 per child and the fee doesn't include a uniform.
  • The SFFA does have tryouts for the girls. The tryouts are designed to introduce the girls and parents to the process to learn for later ages.



  • The season starts the in the middle of April, and ends at the end of June.
  • Games and practices are held on 2 nights M-F per week.
  • St. Francis partners with Soderville and has all their games at Lions Field located in Ham Lake.
  • Practices are held locally in St. Francis.
  • Soderville usually hosts a mid and end of year tournament at Lions field. Tournaments are held on Weekends.



  • Players are recommended to have an equipment bag, bat, batting helmet (with a face cage and chin strap), fielding mask and glove.
  • How long should the bat be? Choose a bat that comes to the players hip when standing.
  • How heavy should the bat be? The player should be able to hold the bat from the handle straight out in front of them.
  • Players are encouraged to wear a fielding mask when playing the infield positions of P, 1B , 2B, SS or 3B.
  • Pants are recommend because the girls will practice sliding.
  • Cleats are recommended but not necessary. The infield dirt and out field grass can be slippery.
  • The SFFA will provide 11” balls, training aids such as tees, bow nets, hit sticks and catchers gear.



  • The objectives of the program does not including winning. At this age, fun and good fundamentals are the goals.
  • Our 8U program is an introduction to traveling sports program appropriate to age.
  • Teammates will be from multiple schools from St. Francis
  • Coaches may be parent coaches, but they are fully-vetted and must prove they have the skills appropriate for the age level and too teach proper technique and fundamentals.
  • Parents are welcome to help:  there are many volunteer tasks on the field and behind the scenes needed to create an outstanding experience.
  • Roster size may be 10-14 girls. Everyone will play in the field and bat and will play multiple positions.


What are the Goals of the 8U program?

The ultimate goal is the development of all the players as great young sportswomen and as athletes. The focus of the 8U program is to introduce the fastpitch game with an emphasis on fun. We aim to give the girls age appropriate instruction on the fundamentals of the game, including proper mechanics of fielding, throwing and hitting as well as the basics of game “strategy” (i.e., learning to go for the lead runner and not always throwing to 1st base). Ultimately, we want to prepare the girls to enter the 10U program with a solid understanding of the basics of the game. Winning is NOT the goal of the 8U program.


Can I help?

Absolutely! Talk to your team’s head coach. Let the coach know you would like to help and the time commitment that you can make. All parents who wish to assist with practices and/or games are welcome to do so at any time. Bring your glove and jump into the action.


What can I do to help my daughter become a better player?

Practice outside of practice. Just playing catch is probably the easiest and most enjoyable way to help your daughter. Good throws and good catches are central to playing the game well. Talk to your daughter’s coach about what your daughter needs to work on to improve and how you can help her.